Seated at Fitjar on Stord island in Norway ORMABOL is giving you metal inspired by old tales, crooked fjords, steep mountains, and a large dose of  black, death and heavymetal.

Ormabol is forest metal or folk metal with a dark twist, it sure as hell is not your average jolly tunes.

As the mainstream metal scene mostly have turned into a polished arena of perfectly quantized drums and technically advanced boring riffs, perfect and lifeless with no room for flaws, it felt like the right thing to do was to go the opposite way. At least thats what I (Bjørn) felt.

So we chose to just jam whatever we wanted and shure enough songs started to pop up very fast, in fact 7 of them in a week. It was like something old that was just waiting to reach the surface. Ormabol was born. Although most songs were made in 2021 we could not play them live because of the plague, so we built a studio and recorded them instead.

Lyrics are all in our native language wich is Norwegian, since this felt closest to the music. Words can mean something different to every listener, so its no point in trying to explain them and take away the feeling you get when you listen to the songs. However they are alot nature based and  inspired by old stories and forgotten creatures.

The sound we have is inspired by wanting to make something we were missing. A real raw sound that relates to old times before modern technology age, bringing elements from the underground music they had back then, and mix it with the dark brutality from norwegian blackmetal adding barking short riffs to increase the energy level to get the feeling of being chased by a feral beast. We will stay true to what we think is an original sound, and hope to be able to perform a place near you!